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Safety Management

In July 1998 the Government published its Review of the Pilotage Act 1987, which proposed that a Code for marine safety in ports should be developed.

In March 2000 following wide consultation with the ports industry the Port Marine Safety Code was published. The aim of the code was to promote best practice in the ports industry. A Guide to Good Practice for Port Marine Operations has also been developed and this, together with competence standards being developed for port marine personnel, is intended to assist harbour authorities in implementing the requirements of the code.

Langstone Harbour is a multi-functional harbour, which supports recreational boating, and a small fishing fleet. A marina and a several sailing clubs operate in Langstone Harbour and a number of deep-sea angling boats use the harbour as a base for charter operations. The harbour is also a popular site for trailed vessels such as dinghies, powerboats and personal watercraft. The accessible slipways, deep water and regulated Water Ski Zone make Langstone Harbour a favourite destination for a great many summer visitors.

The Board is also the Competent Harbour Authority for Langstone Harbour under the Pilotage Act 1987. There are two commercial wharves in the harbour, which together import over half a million tonnes of sea dredged aggregate annually in vessels of up to 80 metres length. A Pilotage Direction exists for the purpose of regulating these vessels safely and the Board promoted an Order in 2005 to extend its limits of jurisdiction for Pilotage in compliance with the Port Marine Safety Code.

Marine operations involve not only risk to life and property but also to the environment. The Harbour is heavily designated as a conservation asset and has developed a Safety Management System based on risk assessments that recognise risk to the environment as well as life and property.

Compliance with the Port Marine Safety Code is assured through an annual audit of the Board’s Marine Safety Management System by ABP Marine Environmental Research Ltd. The Designated Person who provides the Board with independent assurance that the MSMS is working effectively is Monty Smedley of ABP Marine Environmental Research Ltd, whose contact details are below.

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