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Jetski Charges (incl. VAT)

Launch Fees
Daily £14.40
Annual £90.80
Jet Ski Permits
Does not include harbour dues
Annual £65.80
1 October to end March £32.00
Note: Slipway launching fees apply to all craft using the public slipways. The same launching fees apply to PW and other craft. The PW permit is a separate charge, arising from the requirements of Byelaw 53

  1. Charges apply at all public slipways in Langstone Harbour. Launching fees, which include harbour dues for the vessel or PW, may be paid daily or annually. The annual charge covers the year to end of March and entitles you to launch at either of the public slipways.
  2. Slipway launching fees are not refundable and no discount is permitted on the annual launch fee in respect of previous daily launches.
PW Permits
  1. Your PW permit entitles you to unlimited launching during the year for which it is valid. You may choose to pay launching fees either daily or annually but the PW permit is valid for the year (or remainder) for which it is issued, irrespective of how you choose to pay launching fees.
  2. Permit charges are not refundable
  3. Evidence that a permit has been issued will be provided in the form of an adhesive plaque, which must be prominently displayed on the PW for which it was issued
  4. A separate permit is required for each PW
  5. The datatag registration number on your PW must be shown on your permit
Credit cards, Debit cards, Cash and Cheques (with payment card) are all accepted at the Harbour Office. Cheques should be made payable to ’Langstone Harbour Board’. It will be necessary to attend the Harbour Office in person to obtain a PW permit because the permit must be signed by the applicant and countersigned on the Board’s behalf. It will assist us if you obtain your permit and pay your annual launch fee in advance, as this is a major cause of congestion on the slipway.
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