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Jetskis and Personal Watercraft

Langstone Harbour is a popular launching site for Jetski’s and Personal Watercraft (PW). The Langstone Harbour Board works to keep the sport safe within the harbour so we ask that you respect our rules.

The mobility and noise from PW have a high impact on the heavily protected harbour environment and there are regulations in place to limit disturbance. There are also regulations to ensure that PW can be used safely and compatibly with other users of the harbour and its beaches.

The speed limit in Langstone Harbour is 10 knots. This is roughly equivalent to 11.5 mph. If you are prosecuted for exceeding the speed limit you could be fined up to £1,000 plus costs.

DEFINITION The term ’Jetski’ is defined in the Langstone Harbour Byelaws, 1994 as follows: “Jet ski” means any vessel referred to as a jet ski, wet bike, water scooter, fun craft or other similar description which vessel is designed to carry a person or persons standing, kneeling, sitting or prone upon the vessel and which vessel is propelled by a jet engine or other motive power the master of which vessel steers it with or without a rudder at the stern by means of a handlebar operated linkage system and/or by altering the relationship between the body weight of the person or persons carried on the vessel and the vessel itself’

You should be covered for third party risks with a valid insurance policy for up to £2,000,000 per claim.

Charges n
ote: Slipway launching fees apply to all craft using the public slipways. The same launching fees apply to PW and other craft. The PW permit is a separate charge, arising from the requirements of Byelaw 53
  1. Charges apply at all public slipways in Langstone Harbour. Launching fees, which include harbour dues for the vessel or PW, may be paid daily or annually. The annual charge covers the year to end of February and entitles you to launch at either of the public slipways.
  2. Slipway launching fees are not refundable and no discount is permitted on the annual launch fee in respect of previous daily launches.
Access & Parking
Please show consideration when using our slipways. At peak times there may be other customers launching ahead of you. Remember that there is a pub adjacent to the Hayling slipway and people in the vicinity may behave unpredictably. The Harbour Board cannot provide parking facilities. There is a private car park adjoining the Ferry Boat Inn and there is a Council car park on the seafront just south of the Ferry Boat Inn. Please do not bring your vehicle or trailer into the Harbour Board compound, it is a working area. Do not leave your vehicle in the hatched zone at the top of the Hayling slipway.

Silver Jetski
View to the Solent

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