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Advice for paddle sports

Canoes and kayaks are an increasingly common sight in Langstone Harbour. These vessels can be an excellent way to explore the Harbour and observe wildlife, but Langstone Harbour can be a hazardous place for inexperienced kayakers. Equally, kayakers can cause great disturbance to the Harbour’s sensitive wildlife should they approach too closely or access fragile habitats.

The Langstone Harbour Board has produced a leaflet for kayakers, suggesting trails that can be followed within the Harbour and sights which may be seen along the way. This leaflet also illustrates places where wildlife may seen and steps kayakers can take to ensure their actions do not cause harm to wildlife. These steps include following directions on signage and avoiding trampling on fragile habitats. A digital version of this leaflet is linked at the bottom of this page, or you can get a free, full colour, fully waterproof version - perfect for taking with you out on the water - by contacting the harbour office.

Canoes, kayaks, and paddleboards are required to pay a Harbour Charge in Langstone, which can be paid by contacting the Harbour office. Current information on harbour charges can be found on the Vessel dues & Charges page of this website.

Conditions in Langstone Harbour can be unpredictable and change quickly. For safety, the Langstone Harbour Board recommends that all kayakers and canoeists:

• Always wear a buoyancy aid and carry a mobile phone

• Check local weather forecasts and tidal predictions - tidal currents in the Harbour entrance can pose an extreme hazard to kayakers, particularly during the ebb tide

• Take extra care in shipping lanes and ensure you are clearly visible to all other Harbour users

For those new to kayaking, or with limited experience we recommend training, as well as linking with a local kayak club to gain vital local knowledge from experienced local kayakers. The Andrew Simpson Watersports Centre on the western shoreline of Langstone Harbour run a variety of kayaking courses. Additionally, the Portsmouth & District Canoe Club run training sessions and kayaking trips, often voyaging into Langstone Harbour.

For a free copy of our leaflet printed on waterproof paper please contact the Harbour office.

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