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It is in the interests of all boat users to protect the environment around them while afloat. Below are a few best practice guidelines to make sure your boat is as environmentally friendly as possible:

• Remain within to the 10 knot speed limit at all times. Travelling faster may cause excessive wash which can damage fragile habitats, and cause a nuisance to other harbour users.

• Never throw rubbish overboard, and secure loose items so they stay onboard. Take all rubbish home with you, or deposit it in the waste facilities at the Langstone Harbour Board office.

• Do not allow any oil or fuel to spill into the water, including when pumping the bilge. Bilge socks, which absorb any oils which may be in the bilge water, are available at the Langstone Harbour Board office.

• Use on-shore toilets whenever possible, and install a holding tank for your sea toilet which can be pumped out at Southsea Marina.

• Navigate carefully when you see marine animals or if you are in environmentally sensitive areas. Do not approach wildlife too closely; instead use binoculars to get a closer look. The Langstone Harbour Board recommends you do not approach any wild animal to a distance closer than 50m. We have produced a CODE OF CONDUCT for wildlife watching in Langstone Harbour (see link below).

• Choose anchoring sites carefully to minimise impact on the seabed

• Use environmentally friendly products on board

• Recycle everyday waste where possible. It is possible to recycle glass, paper and cardboard, food and drink cans and some plastics at the Langstone Harbour Board office. Facilities for disposing of waste oils, and oily rags are also available here, although we are currently unable to accept empty oil cans.

• Collect and safely dispose of maintenance waste such as antifoul

Lots more information about how to respect and protect the natural environment while you are afloat is available on The Green Blue website.
Wildlife Watching Code of Conduct

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