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Charging those who use the Harbour is the way we fund our duties to maintain and conserve Langstone

Harbour Charges (Recreation)

All vessels are subject to charges, which may be lowered for those that receive central invoices from Clubs (Club Compound).

Other Charges

Permits and Dues for Slipway use and other activities

Mooring Licenses and Fees

Mooring Licenses and Fees inclusive of Vessel Dues

Small Commercial Vessel Charges

Vessel and Passengers Dues for SCVs in the Harbour


Leisure Vessel Charges

All vessels using Langstone Harbour MUST pay Harbour charges and dues as appropriate.

The revenue derived from Harbour charges, dues and from mooring fees is used by the Langstone Harbour Board to meet the full cost of the management of the Harbour. 


This covers giving advice and assistance, maintenance of navigational aids and the enforcement of byelaws.


This applies if your boat is kept on a permanent mooring in a marina, or if you are visiting for a week or just a day.


Harbour dues are deemed not to have been paid unless a plaque is displayed.

Commercial Vessel Dues

Langstone Harbour supports a busy trade in sea-dredged aggregates primarily through Kendall’s Wharf on the western side of the Harbour.  Vessels of up to 80 metres overall length can be accommodated and cargoes other than marine aggregate may be accepted by arrangement with berth operators.  Over half a million tonnes of marine aggregate are imported annually through Langstone Harbour. 

The Harbour also raises charges for passengers landed in the Harbour either charging per passenger (as for the licensed Ferry service) or as a one-off fee for coded Charter Fishing vessels using the Harbour's pontoons to land or drop off passengers.

The majority of the Harbours income is derived through the charging of vessel and cargo Dues on the commercial traffic that uses the Harbour.  Without this trade the Harbour would not be able to fund itself

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