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Langstone Harbour hosts two commercial wharves for ships up to 80mLOA, a number of Small Commercial Vessels (Charter Fishing Boats) and a small number of inshore Fishing Vessels and Workboats.

Commercial Ships

Langstone Harbour supports a busy trade in sea-dredged aggregates through Kendall’s Wharf on the western side of the Harbour and Bedhampton Wharf in the north of the Harbour. Vessels of up to 80 metres overall length can be accommodated and cargoes other than marine aggregate may be accepted by arrangement with berth operators. Over half a million tonnes of marine aggregate are imported annually through Langstone Harbour.

Both facilities are accessible only at High Water. Draft restrictions apply.

Small Commercial Vessels
Small commercial craft and workboats operating in Langstone Harbour are required to be in possession of a valid Small Commercial Vessel Certificate. For the purpose of vessels operating only within the Category C waters of Langstone Harbour a certificate of compliance with the Solent & Southern Harbour Masters Association (SASHMA) Guidelines for Licenses for Boats and Boatmen will be accepted as an appropriate equivalent standard of compliance.

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