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Whatever the activity in the harbour, it is bound to generate some kind of waste. It is everyone's responsibility to ensure that this waste, including litter and oily waste, doesn't enter the harbour environment and is disposed of correctly and safely.

We are committed to working with all stakeholders to make it easy for everyone to dispose of their waste. Langstone Harbour Board maintains a Maritime and Coastguard Agency approved Port Waste Management Plan. The Plan covers all types of prescribed waste from vessels visiting the harbour, and provides guidance to stakeholders on the processes and facilities available.

For further information regarding waste disposal, please read the Langstone Harbour Port Waste Management Plan or contact the Harbour Office on 02392 463419.


When out on a boat or having a shoreside picnic it is surprising how much litter can be produced. Prevent these items from entering the environment and harming wildlife by depositing them in the waste bins at the Harbour Office. Alternatively, litter can be disposed of at marinas and clubs.


Waste collected in the holding tanks of sea toilets (’black water’) can be disposed of appropriately at the pump out facility in Southsea Marina, which is located in the south west of Langstone Harbour.

To find out more about pump out facilities nearby, head to the RYA Green Blue website

waste oil

When carrying out engine maintenance, quantities of waste oil and oily rags often require disposal. At the Harbour office separate containers for the disposal of waste oil, oil filters and oily rags are now available (we are currently unable to dispose of empty oil cans). Please note that this facility is for boat-generated waste only.


As well as facilities for the disposal of garbage, recycling facilities are available in Langstone Harbour. At the Harbour office, it is now possible to recycle paper, cardboard, tins and some plastics in the orange mixed recyclables bin. We also have a separate red bin in which you can recycle glass.

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