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Langstone Harbour Pilotage Directions & Regulations


1. The Langstone Harbour Board is the Competent Harbour Authority for Langstone Harbour but the Board has made arrangements with the Southampton Competent Harbour Authority for certain functions under the Pilotage Act 1987, relating to the embarking and disembarking of pilots, which may be carried out by another Competent Harbour Authority, to be exercised on its behalf by the Southampton Competent Harbour Authority.

Area of Jurisdiction
2. The limits within which the Authority shall have jurisdiction for the purposes of pilotage under Part I of the Pilotage Act 1987 shall include (in addition to the Harbour, as defined in Section 7 of the Pier and Harbour Order (Langstone Harbour) Confirmation Act 1962) the area of the Solent outside the Harbour as lies to the west of Longitude 001 00.0’W, to the north of a line bearing 090degrees from Saint Helen’s Fort (Latitude 50 42.28’N. Longitude 001 04.96’W) and to the east of a line bearing 000 degrees from Saint Helen’s Fort to latitude 50 44.0’N, thence to the east end of the Eastney Point outfall (Latitude 50 47.2’N. Longitude 001 01.6’W)

Compulsory Pilotage
3. Vessels subject to compulsory pilotage:-
(a) Vessels of 48 metres or more in overall length
(b) Vessels of 20 metres or more in overall length carrying more than 12 passengers

Exemptions from Compulsory Pilotage
4. The following categories of vessel are exempted from compulsory Pilotage by Langstone Harbour CHA:
(a) A vessel in transit through the Solent on passage to or from any position west of a line bearing 000 degrees from Saint Helen’s Fort to latitude 50 44.0’W, thence to the east end of the Eastney Point outfall, provided such vessel does not proceed North of the Langstone Fairway Beacon (latitude 50 46.28’N)
(b) A vessel going to anchorage in St. Helen’s Roads except vessels on passage out of Langstone Harbour.
(c) A vessel entering that part of the area of jurisdiction which lies to the south of the Langstone Fairway pile for the purpose of carrying out dredging activity in a dredging area licensed by the Crown Estate.
(d) Vessels in Government service except when berthing or unberthing at any non-Ministry of Defence facility.

Vessels under Tow
5. For the purposes of this Direction the length of a tug and tow shall be the distance from the forward end of the towing vessel to the stern of the last vessel towed and this length will be considered the “overall length” for the purpose of section 3 above.

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