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Diving in Langstone Harbour is strictly controlled and may only take place with the prior permission of the Harbour Master.

Except in an emergency, no person shall dive or engage in other underwater activities unless the Harbour Master has been notified of the time and place at which such activities are to take place and their expected duration at least two hours before they are due to commence.


No person shall bathe, swim, dive or engage in any other underwater activities except with the permission of the Harbour Master


(a) in the fairway within the harbour ;


or (b) in any other areas which the Authority may designate as areas in which all or any of those activities are prohibited. 

The Master of any vessel engaged in diving operations in the harbour shall  exhibit a replica of flag “Alpha” for the duration of the diving operations., and any person supervising diving operations on shore should do the same to notify any approaching or passing vessel.

Swimming in Langstone Harbour should not take place in navigable channels and is subject to similar controls.

The Solent is an extremely busy waterway and swimming across the Solent is not just another open water swim and should not be undertaken without considerable preparation.

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