Code of Conduct for Leisure Sailors

  • The International Regulations for the Prevention of Collisions at Sea, commonly known as the 'Colregs' are a list of international rules that describe what action should be taken when in the proximity of other vessels. The Colregs apply in Langstone Harbour.

  • Check local weather conditions and tides. At certain states of the tide the currents are very strong in the Harbour entrance and at the launching sites.

  • Always wear a buoyancy aid.

  • Always use your ’kill-cord’ if one is provided.

  • Make sure you have some means of attracting attention if you need help

  • Tell someone when you will return

  • Don’t consume alcohol if you are going afloat

  • Keep your craft well maintained

  • Keep well clear of the beach where there are swimmers

  • For the safety of all Harbour users, and because of the environmental sensitivity of the Harbour’s important wildlife habitats and species, there is a speed limit of 10 knots (equivalent to 11.5 mph) in the Harbour and there are restrictions on certain activities.


There is access to Chichester Harbour under the Hayling road bridge for vessels of low air draught at certain states of the tide.


If you wish to report an accident or dangerous occurrence in the Harbour, or to comment on safety in Langstone Harbour, a Safety Report form can be downloaded using the link below.