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Code of Conduct for Leisure Sailors

If you are a regular harbour user, and have not visited Langstone Harbour before, or a new user gaining experience, it is important to understand the basics prior to going afloat.  This short Code of Conduct sets out the requirements which should be observed by all users:

Safety First


  • Always wear an appropriate lifejacket or buoyancy aid.

  • Always carry a means of calling and signalling for help.

  • Ensure there is an emergency action plan in place and everybody has an onboard briefing (in particular on the location and use of the safety equipment, including the spare kill cord for powerboats).

  • Get the right level of training for your craft.

  • Always check the weather and tide times.

  • Make sure someone ashore knows where you are going and who to call if you don't return on time.

  • Always drive your boat at a speed that is appropriate to the weather conditions and to the environment you are operating in.


Sea Sense


  • Do not exceed the speed limits (generally 10kts, 5kts in Eastney Lake*[1]).

  • Do keep a good lookout and act with due consideration to others.

  • Where appropriate, do keep to the starboard side of the channel.

  • Do give way to all vessels over 20 metres in length.

  • Avoid sailing or motoring through yacht mooring areas where possible.

  • Do not linger off slipways and launching ramps.

  • Do not water ski except in designated areas.

  • Do not dive in the harbour except with the permission of the Harbour Master.

  • Do take time to secure properly to your mooring or berth.


[1] *           Approximate speed conversions:

10kts – 11½ mph or 18½ kph

 5kts – 7mph or 11kph

Further information is available from sources such as the RNLI and RYA and can be signposted by the Harbour Office team.



Emily's Code


Langstone Harbour supports Emily’s Code, which honours the memory of 14-year-old Emily Gardner, and aims to prevent accidents at sea by highlighting key safety messages.  Read about Emily here.

If you wish to report an accident or dangerous occurrence in the Harbour, or to comment on safety in Langstone Harbour, a Safety Report form can be downloaded using the link below.

The international regulations for the preventions of collisions at sea (the COLREGS) apply throughout Langstone harbour.  For further guidance please see our handy primer published in the Harbour Guide or follow the link below.

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