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Towage in Langstone

Towage guidelines apply to all tows carried out in Langstone Harbour with the exception of emergency tows carried out by RNLI Lifeboats and vessels less than 10.68m (35’) belonging to a Club or Marina within the harbour (when towed by Club or Marina support craft).

While the safety of a tow will always remain the responsibility of the Master in charge, the Harbour Authority may, in certain circumstances, use their powers to direct a vessel to take a tug and/or a Pilot in the interest of the vessel and the port’s safety.

Any commercial tow will require a Towage Plan to be produced and, if over 48m, will also require an authorised Pilot to be onboard.

Anyone planning to carry out a tow in Langstone should read the Towage Guidelines below and contact the Harbour Office to speak to the Duty Harbour Master.

Contact the Harbour Office

+44(0)2392 463419

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