PWCs are welcome in Langstone Harbour but there are one or two rules and some charges

PWC Harbour Charge and Launch Fee

You can pay these in advance or on the day - for the day or the season

PWC Permit

You must pick this up in person from the Harbour Office Save time by applying in advance. YOU MUST BE INSURED TO USE YOUR PWC IN LANGSTONE


Charges for Skis using Langstone Harbour

To use Langstone Harbour you must pay the appropriate vessel and launch charges and have a valid Langstone PWC Permit (renewable each year).

The quickest way of getting a Permit is to apply on line.  You will then need to come in to the Harbour Office to pick up your permit and receive a safety brief from Harbour Staff.

You will also need to pay Harbour Charges and Launch fees.  To avoid the queues and get more time on the water you can do this online once you have been issued a permit and have an account with us.