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LNTM 07/2023

Damage following Storm Ciaran. One of six port-hand piles marking the Bedhampton and Broadmarsh approach channel has collapsed.  The remains of the pile are covered at high water and remain a hazard.  Keep well clear.

Collapsed Navigation Pile - Broad Lake

LNTM 04/2023

Tidal Turbine - Submerged Hazard

A tidal turbine has been moored on the seabed in the G Area moorings in the vicinity of NW Sinah and an exclusion zone established.

LNTM 03/2023

A new starboard channel marker has been deployed marking the south west corner of G Area moorings

New Starboard Channel Marker Established - Mulberry

LNTM 02/2023

North Portsea Island Flood and Coastal Erosion Risk Management Scheme: Phase 4b – Eastern Road

FCERM Scheme - Portsea Island

LNTM 01/2023

Standing and Temporary Local Notices in Force.

List of LNtM in Force

LNTM 05/2021

Deployment of Native Oyster Trestles in Russell's Lake

Russell's Lake - Oyster Restoration Project

Standing Local Notices

LNTM 06/2021

Notification of a new frequency - VHF Ch 68 - allocated to Langstone Harbour for Port operations.

VHF Frequency for Harbour Operations

LNTM 02/2021

Instructions to leisure sailings arriving from or ravelling to the EU or Channel Islands.

Pleasure Craft - UK/EU Entry & Exit Formalities

LNTM 11/2019

Instructions for water skiing in Langstone Harbour

Water Skiing in Langstone Harbour

LNTM 08/2019

Instructions to fishers not to lay fishing gear within the main channels of Langstone Harbour.

Fishing Gear Not to be Laid in Main Channels

LNTM 07/2019

Instructions for visitors intending use to use temporary moorings in Langstone Harbour

Visitor Moorings

LNTM 06/2019

Instructions for use of Pilot Ladders within Langstone Competent Harbour Area (CHA).

Pilot Ladder Safety

LNTM 05/2019

Danger Posed by Anglers at Southern Water Jetty

Advice to take care when navigating in vicinity of Southern Water Jetty when being used also by sea anglers.

LNTM 04/2019

Reminder to all to reduce wash where safe to do so.

Vessel Wash

LNTM 03/2019

Mariners are advised to keep clear of the protected historic wreck site in Sinah Lake.

Historic Wreck - Sinah Lake

LNTM 02/2019

Notification of vessels Constrained By Draft (CBD) operating in approaches to Langstone Harbour

Loaded Vessels in Harbour Approaches

LNTM 01/2019

Considerations before taking the ground at Kendall's (NABSA) Wharf.

Depths at Kendall's Wharf

LNTM 06/2018

Safety advice for leisure users in small craft.

Safety for Small Craft

LNTM 04/2018

General advice for use of tidal predictions in Langstone

High Water Predictions

LNTM 03/2018

General safety advice for those using small high-speed craft.

Safety in Small High-speed Craft

LNTM 02/2018

Advice for the organisers of recreational events in and around Langstone Harbour.

Risk Assessment of Recreational Events

LNTM 05/2015

Unmarked Fishing Gear

Notice to fishers.  The hazard posed by inadequately marked fishing pots in the Langstone fairway and approaches poses a serious danger to vessels in the area.

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