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Notices in Force

Local Notices to Mariners provide essential, up to date information and advice to those navigating within Langstone Harbour. Notices are used to notify works and events that may impact on navigation, changes to buoyage and safety advice.

Notices are issued here and displayed at the Harbour Office. Cancelled notices are not shown on this page.

If you would like to recieve Local Notices to Mariners by e-mail as they are issued, please let us know here
Notices to Mariners 2018
2018 LNM No.1 (Notices in Force)
2018 LNM No.2 (Risk Assessment of Recreational Events)
2018 LNM No.3 (Safety in Small, High Speed Craft)
2018 LNM No.4 (High Water Predictions)
2018 LNM No.6 (Safety Information for Small Craft)
2018 LNM No.8 (Marina Channel Pile Damaged)
MAIB Safety Bulletin (Sea Anglers)
MAIB Safety Bulletin (Commercial Fishermen)
2018 LNM No.20 (South Salterns Buoy Rectified)
2018 LNM No.21 (Broom Buoy Rectified)
Notices to Mariners 2017
Notices to Mariners 2015
2015 LNM No.5 (Unmarked Fishing Gear)
Notices to Mariners 2014
2014 LNM No.4 (Use of Moorings by Visitors)
2014 LNM No.9 (Fishing Gear in Navigation Channels)
Notices to Mariners 2013
2013 LNM No.10 (Pilot Ladders)
MAIB Safety Bulletin (Kill Cords)
Notices to Mariners 2012
2012 LNM No.18 (Caution Advised at SW Jetty)
Notices to Mariners 2010
2010 LNM No.4 (Vessel Wash)
Notices to Mariners 2008
2008 LNM No.11 (Historic Site)
Notices to Mariners 2007
2007 LNM No.14 (Loaded Vessels in Harbour Approaches)
Notices to Mariners 2005
2005 LNM No.1 (Sound Signals)
Notices to Mariners 2004
2004 LNM No.2 (Kendall's Wharf)
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