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The Langstone Harbour Small Fish Survey began in spring 2012 and is a collaboration between the Langstone Harbour Board, the Southern IFCA, the University of Portsmouth and the RSPB.

The survey will be conducted annually, and it is hoped that over time it will build a picture of the fish community residing in Langstone Harbour. The survey will also enable us to monitor population trends amongst the small fish community within the harbour’s waters.

The Langstone Harbour Small Fish Survey is modelled upon surveys carried out by other organisations, including the Environment Agency, around many parts of the UK. By using the same methodology, results from the survey in Langstone Harbour can be directly compared with those from other water bodies.

2012 was the inaugural year of the survey, and to date the survey has definitely produced some unexpected results. A total of 39 species of fish have been caught during the survey, and of those three species have not previously been recorded in Langstone Harbour. During the Spring portion of the 2012 survey one single haul of the net caught more than 10,000 individual fish!

For full details of the survey methodology as well as completed survey reports please click on the Survey Standard Operating Proceedure and Survey Reports on the right of this page.

If you are interested in obtaining the raw data collected during the Langstone Harbour Small Fish Survey, or have other queries, please e-mail:

Fish Surveys
Standard Operating Procedure
2017 Survey Report
2016 Survey Report
2015 Survey Report
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2012 Survey Report
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