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Ferry LaunchFerry Launch
Added: 03 Aug 2016
The Hayling Ferry, which has been out of operation for almost 18 months, is under new ownership and will be commencing a new service on the 5th August 2016.

Further information about the planned launch party, as well as details about fares and timetabling can be found on the Hayling Ferry website below.
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 Prosecution for Speeding
Added: 30 Jul 2015
On 24th July in Portsmouth Crown Court a jetskier was ordered to pay over £6,500 in fines and costs after being found guilty of speeding in Langstone Harbour.
Replacement of Channel buoysReplacement of Channel buoys
Added: 28 Nov 2014
"South Salterns" and "Mallard South" buoys have been replaced with new, moulded plastic buoys. The light characteristics are unchanged but the greater stability and raised focal plane of the lights has improved the visibility of these marks. Both marks are fitted with retro-reflective tape to aid detection in darkness.
Advisory Committee Open ForumAdvisory Committee Open Forum
Added: 22 Sep 2014
This event, which is to take place on the 9th October 2014 at 19:30 is aimed at stakeholders and members of the public who wish to learn more about the Harbour, its management, environmental importance and representative organisations.

Please contact Christine Overy on 02392 463419 if you would like to attend.
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Dredging at BedhamptonDredging at Bedhampton
Added: 14 Aug 2014
Maintenance dredging operations are to be undertaken at Bedhampton Wharf and its immediate approaches from 18 August 2014 for about 4 weeks. Dredging will take place between HW-3 hrs and HW+3 hrs using the backhoe dredger “Doreen Dorward” and two 45-metre hopper barges “Nab” and “Needles”, which may be encountered entering and leaving the harbour at any state of the tide. Local Notice No.17 of 2014 refers.
 Industrial Action
Added: 09 Jul 2014
On 10th July industrial action will effect the Langstone Harbour Board. The Harbour Office will be manned by a skeleton staff and we may not be able to provide a full range of services on this day. We apologise for any inconvenience this may cause.
 Temporary Buoy at Eastney Outfall
Added: 08 Jul 2014
A temporary red buoy, flashing red, has been established to mark the seaward end of the Eastney outfall, which is just south of the concrete jetty. The position of the buoy is a short distance east of the outfall and vessels should not pass between the buoy and the outfall.
Shingle RechargeShingle Recharge
Added: 01 Apr 2014
Shingle recharge of nesting habitat is nearing completion on the harbour islands. Nearly 400 tonnes of shingle has been used to raise the level of Baker’s island and provide a safe and attractive nesting habitat for Little Terns in particular. As a result of this work the level of the shingle ridge on Bakers Island has been heightened by approximately 70cms.
Lost BuoyLost Buoy
Added: 13 Feb 2014
A casualty of the stormy weather at the beginning of February was the "Cambrian Wreck" buoy, which was blown 5.5 miles from its normal position in the Eastern Solent to the sea wall at Farlington Marshes.
Langstone Harbour Board Meetings 2014Langstone Harbour Board Meetings 2014
Added: 15 Jan 2014
Details of the times and dates for all Langstone Harbour Board meetings during 2014 are now available. Members of the public are welcome to attend these meetings, although capacity is limited. For further information please see the document below.
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Repairs to Hayling pontoon BridgeRepairs to Hayling pontoon Bridge
Added: 19 Dec 2013
Essential repairs to the footbridge at the Hayling pontoon are scheduled for 9th & 10th January 2014. The bridge will be disconnected from its shore fixing and there will be no public access over the bridge for the duration of the works.

We are sorry for the inconvenience this may cause our users.
Repairs on Hayling pontoonRepairs on Hayling pontoon
Added: 09 Dec 2013
Replacement of fenders on the north face of the Hayling pontoon will take place on Wednesday 11th and Thursday 12th December. During this time there will be no public access to the ferry berth or fuelling berth and the ferry service will be suspended. However, the two berths on the south side of the pontoon will remain open for public accesss.

The vessel ’Willjive’ will be berthed on the north side of the Hayling pontoon on 11th and 12th December.

We apologise for any inconvenience caused to our users by this work.
Aggregate VesselAggregate Vessel
Added: 13 Nov 2013
The Dutch dredger ’Deo Gloria’ was chartered to maintain the supply of sea-dredged aggregate to Kendall’s Wharf for two weeks in early November. Built in 1978, the 71 metre vessel is capable of carrying up to 2,000 tonnes of material and is ideally suited to the constraints of Langstone Harbour, where shallow draught and good manoeuvrability can maximise the vessel’s discharging time alongside
Added: 27 Sep 2013
After many years delivering sea-dredged aggregates to Kendall’s Wharf in Langstone Harbour M.V ”Norstone” was taken out of service earlier this year. Since June, aggregate imports to Kendall’s Wharf have been delivered by M.V “City of Chichester”, which is owned by a subsidiary of Lafarge Tarmac Ltd. “City of Chichester” will already be familiar to harbour users as she has been supplying material to Bedhampton Wharf for many years.
 Police Launch Safety Initiative
Added: 27 Jun 2013
The Hampshire Police Marine Unit has launched a summer safety campaign called Wash and Slow, aimed at reducing speed and improving safety awareness afloat. The Harbour Board will be working with the Marine Unit through the summer to promote this message in Langstone Harbour.
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 MAIB Safety Bulletin 1/2013
Added: 25 May 2013
The publication of Safety Bulletin 1/2013 follows the tragic accident on the Camel Estuary where a family of six were ejected from an 8m RHIB, leading to two fatalities and serious injuries to two people, on 5 May 2013. The Safety Bulletin seeks to convey the importance of using the kill cord and aims to bring this safety issue to the attention of the leisure boating community ahead of the forthcoming boating season. The bulletin refers to the RYA website on kill cord use best practice:

The Safety Bulletin can be found in the Safety Notices section of our website. It is also available on the MAIB website at:

Added: 08 Mar 2013
At a budget meeting on 12 February Portsmouth City Council approved a proposal to withdraw subsidies presently provided by the City Council for the Hayling Ferry service. The ferry operates a passenger service across the Harbour entrance from the Board’s pontoons at Ferry Point, Hayling to Eastney.
Added: 31 Jan 2013
On the 24th January a team of commercial divers from Seawork Marine Services inspected the underside of the pontoon at Eastney following reports from harbour users of debris. The divers found a quantity of abandoned monofilament netting, rope and a lobster pot entangled beneath the pontoon which was removed and disposed of safely.
Added: 15 Jan 2013
The 2013/14 charges were agreed at a Board meeting on 11 January 2013. The new charges are now shown on the website.
Added: 29 Aug 2012
Repairs to the fuelling facility on the Hayling pontoon are now complete and the system has been recommissioned. The supply of marine diesel at the Hayling pontoon resumes on Thursday 30th August. We are grateful to our customers for their patience during the prolonged inconvenience necessitated by the remedial works.
Added: 31 Jul 2012
The Environment Agency will be undertaking flood defence and habitat enhancement works at Stoke Common from 31 July for about 2 weeks. The car park at North Hayling Halt slipway will be used as a working compound and will therefore be closed to the public. There will be no access to the public slipway except at weekends for the duration of the works. (Local Notice 16/2012 refers)
Added: 17 Jul 2012
Groundworks in the yard at the Harbour Office were started on 11 July. We hope that the new pipework will be completed by the end of July.
Added: 11 May 2012
The Board has obtained advice from specialists on the nature of repairs required and we hope to be able to commission the work soon. The installation of new pipework and telemetry will necessitate groundworks in the Ferry Road compound and on the approach to the Hayling brow.
Added: 14 Feb 2012
4 further cases involving byelaw offences in Langstone Harbour were heard at Portsmouth Magistrates Court on 13 February. 6 offences related to speed and permit violations were successfully prosecuted, resulting in fines of £855 and the award of £1,500 costs to the Board.
Added: 24 Nov 2011
Five cases involving speeding and PWC permit offences were heard at Portsmouth Magistrates Court on 17 November. The Board was successful in all cases. Fines of up to £400 were imposed by the court and costs of over £2,000 were awarded to the Board.
 Dredging at Bedhampton Wharf
Added: 04 Nov 2011
During November and December dredging will take place at and in the approaches to Bedhampton Wharf to facilitate access for ships of over 4m draught. The dredged spoil will be removed by split hopper barge to a licensed disposal site.
Added: 09 Sep 2011
The live weather feed from the Hayling ferry pontoon is now available via the weather link on our home page.
New Portsmouth Lifeboat LaunchedNew Portsmouth Lifeboat Launched
Added: 27 Jul 2011
Portsmouth’s new Lifeboat, based at the entrance of Langstone Harbour in Eastney, has beeen officially named and launched having been handed over to the RNLI by donors Robert and Norma Thomas
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