Langstone Harbour
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Ships in Langstone Harbour

Commercial Vessel Harbour Dues (No VAT)
Per Gross Ton per visit
Pilotage Charges (No VAT)
Up to 75 metres LOA (per act) £442.95
Over 75 metres LOA (per act) £616.40
Cargo Dues per tonne
Marine Aggregates in bulk £0.226
Other bulk Sand & Stone products £0.289
Slag £0.289
Grain £0.376
Salt £0.433
Dredged Spoil/Silt £0.152
Other Breakbulk Cargoes £0.592
Small Commercial Vessel Harbour Dues (no VAT)
Minimum charge for small commercial vessels with no Gross Tonnage, per visit
Langstone harbour supports a busy trade in sea-dredged aggregates through Kendall’s Wharf on the western side of the harbour and Bedhampton Wharf in the north of the harbour. Vessels of up to 80 metres overall length can be accommodated and cargoes other than marine aggregate may be accepted by arrangement with berth operators. Over half a million tonnes of marine aggregate are imported annually through Langstone Harbour.

Both facilities are accessible only at High Water. Draft restrictions apply.

1. Pilotage within Langstone Harbour is compulsory for the following:
(a) Vessels of 48m LOA and over
(b) Vessels of 20m LOA and over carrying more than 12 passengers
(c) Vessels under tow where length of tow from the forward end of the towing vessel to the stern of the last vessel towed exceeds that stated in (a) and (b)

2. Pilot ordering: Vessels requiring a pilot should send a request at least 24h in advance to Langstone Harbour Master by fax or e-mail. The Harbour Master may also be contacted by telephone or email. Vessels arriving on Saturday or Sunday should make their request for a pilot before 0900hrs on the preceding Friday.
Requests for pilotage should include the following information:
(a) GT
(b) LOA
(c) Draught and beam
(d) ETA at pilot boarding station, 1.5 miles S of Langstone Fairway beacon.
(e) Last port of call
(f) Number of persons on board
(g) Quantity and type of cargo
(h) Intended berth
(i) Deficiencies of vessel, navigation equipment or machinery

3. Vessels subject to compulsory pilotage should not enter Langstone Harbour if visibility is reduced in the harbour approaches or if there is any doubt about visibility in Langstone Harbour. Vessels should contact Langstone Harbour Radio for visibility checks during working hours.
For full details see Admiralty List of Radio Signals Vol.6(1), NP 286(1)

4. Detailed information about Langstone Harbour and its approaches can be found in Admiralty Sailing Directions, NP27 (Channel Pilot), Chapter 7

Small Commercial Vessels
Small commercial craft and workboats operating in Langstone Harbour are required to be in possession of a valid Small Commercial Vessel Certificate. For the purpose of vessels operating only within the Category C waters of Langstone Harbour a certificate of compliance with the Solent & Southern Harbour Masters Association (SASHMA) Guidelines for Licenses for Boats and Boatmen will be accepted as an appropriate equivalent standard of compliance.
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