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The Langstone Harbour Board works hard to protect and enhance the internationally important habitats and species that are found within its jurisdiction. The environmental designations placed upon Langstone Harbour mean that the Harbour Authority has numerous important obligations to manage the harbour environment in accordance with the Habitats Regulations and the Birds Directive, whereby harbour activities must be regulated to minimise disturbance and monitored to demonstrate compliance. The Board is an active member of the management group for the SEMS, and promotes conservation and interpretation of the natural environment through partnership programmes for projects such as harbour signage and habitat improvement.

The Langstone Harbour Board monitor the harbour’s seal, fish and bird populations, consult on all planning proposals on or near the harbour and promote higher standards of water quality. The Board is bound by legislation to promote biodiversity whilst undertaking all activities, and takes pride in protecting Langstone Harbour’s natural resources for future generations.

The various conservation designation data sheets listing the features and species for which Langstone Harbour has been protected can be seen below:

Langstone Harbour SSSI

Chichester and Langstone Harbour SPA

Solent Maritime SAC

Chichester and Langstone Harbour Ramsar Site

Langstone Harbour is also an important area for water borne recreation, with a number of sailing clubs and a marina dotted around it’s shoreline. A Watersports centre on the western shore teaches local people the skills needed for dinghy sailing, kayaking and windsurfing. The University of Portsmouth rowing team, and the Langstone Harbour Waterskiiers Association also use the tranquil waters of Langstone Harbour.

A small fleet of commercial fishing vessels operate in Langstone Harbour, harvesting fish and shellfish depending on the season, and many anglers fish from the shore.

The harbour also supports two marine aggregate wharves, which take delivery of over 300,000 tonnes annually of sand and gravel for use in the building industry. Material imported through Langstone Harbour is dredged from extraction areas in the Solent and supplied on vessels of up to 2,000 Gross Tons throughout the year.

With a little bit of consideration, this diverse range of harbour users can work in harmony with the wildlife, keeping Langstone Harbour special for future generations to enjoy.
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