The term ’Jet Ski’ is defined in the Langstone Harbour Byelaws, 1994 as follows: “Jet Ski” means any vessel referred to as a jet ski, wet bike, water scooter, fun craft or other similar description which vessel is designed to carry a person or persons standing, kneeling , sitting or prone upon the vessel and which vessel is propelled by a jet engine or other motive power the master of which vessel steers it with or without a rudder at the stern by means of a handlebar operated linkage system and/or by altering the relationship between the body weight of the person or persons carried on the vessel and the vessel itself’

6. Speed of Vessels
Except with the permission of the Harbour Master and, subject to Byelaw 5 and the Collision Regulations, the Master of a vessel shall not cause or permit the vessel to proceed over the ground
(a) at a speed greater than 10 knots or
(b) in the Langstone Marina approach channel between the points marked A and B on the plan annexed to these byelaws, at a speed greater than 5 knots.
Provided always that the Authority may designate parts of the Harbour which may be used at such times and subject to such conditions as the Authority may prescribe for the purpose of water skiing or other sports involving the use of high speed vessels.

53. Jet Skis
(1) Except as provided in paragraph (4) of this byelaw, no person shall ride or navigate or use a jet ski in that part of Langstone Harbour known as the Run being that area of Langstone Channel between the southernmost extremity of Langstone Harbour off Eastney peninsula to the south west corner of the Mulberry Harbour wreck and then south eastwards to a point 30 yards east of the pontoon at Ferry Point Hayling Island such area being shown by cross hatching on the plan annexed hereto.
(2) No person shall ride or navigate or use a jet ski in any part of the Harbour designated for the time being by resolution of the Authority as a prohibited area either-
(a) By reason of a special occasion specified in such resolution or
(b) By reason of its being an area within which moorings have been laid down by the Authority or by some other person, whether contractor or agent, acting on the Authority’s behalf.
(3) The Authority shall take all reasonable steps to give public notice of a resolution passed under paragraph 2 of this Byelaw and in particular shall place and maintain suitable buoys or marks indicating the limits of the prohibited area.
(4) Where the authority have given their prior consent in writing either specially or generally, it shall not be an offence under paragraphs 1 or 2 of this Byelaw for any person to ride or navigate or use a jet ski in accordance with such consent and subject to the observance of any reasonable conditions imposed by the Board in granting such consent.

Jet Ski Permits
It is an offence to use a PWC in Langstone Harbour without a valid Permit. Permits are valid for a year between 1 April and end of March and permit-holders must display the adhesive plaque provided by the Board as evidence that they have obtained a permit prior to launching. Below are the conditions of the permit.

  1. Jet skiing is prohibited in The Run (Harbour entrance) and in all mooring areas.

  2. Jet skiing is permitted in other areas of the Harbour only when navigating at or below the 10 knots Harbour speed limit (equivalent to 11.5mph).

  3. Launching and recovery of jet skis is allowed at all points of access to the Harbour. However, in The Run, the jet ski must proceed as nearly as practicable in a straight line to or from the sea at or below the 10 knots speed limit. The use of jet skis in The Run is prohibited except for access to or from the sea.

  4. The permit must be produced for inspection on demand by the Board’s authorised officers. Only permit holders or named Additional Riders may use the PWC for which the permit is issued. It is the responsibility of the permit holder to ensure that this condition is met.

  5. Persons under the age of 12 years are not permitted to operate or take charge of a jet ski.

  6. Failure to comply with the above conditions will be a breach of the Jet Ski Byelaw and may result in this permit being revoked and the Owner and/or Rider being prosecuted.