Langstone Harbour
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Charges (Inc VAT)

Harbour dues only - Up to 7.62m (25)
Daily £6.70
Annual £45.40
Harbour dues only - Over over 7.62m (25)
Daily £6.70
Annual £89.90
Launch Fees
Daily £14.40
Annual £90.80
Water Ski Licence (all lengths)
Includes launching fees and harbour dues. Water skiing April - October only as member of LHWSA
Daily £48.60
Annual £163.80
Jet Ski Permits
Does not include harbour dues
Annual £65.80
1 October to end March £32.00
Touch & Go fees
Apply to all commercially operated vessels embarking or disembarking passengers or equipment at the Hayling and Eastney pontoons
Annual £175.10
1 October to end March £85.20
Visitors Moorings
Includes harbour dues
Up to 4hrs £8.25
Up to 24hrs £14.40
Club Open Events
Daily £3.50
Boats in Club Compounds - Up to 7.62m (25)
Annual £22.70
Boats in Club Compounds - Over 7.62m (25)
Annual £44.95
Admin Charge for letters regarding overdue accounts
Small Commercial Vessel Harbour Dues (no VAT)
Minimum charge for small commercial vessels with no Gross Tonnage, per visit
Short Term Moorings
Daily Charge (exc. Harbour dues)
Up to 7.62m per month - 1st month (inc. Harbour dues)
Over 7.62m per month - 1st month (inc. Harbour dues)
Up to 7.62m per month thereafter (exc. Harbour dues)
Over 7.62m per month thereafter (exc. Harbour dues)

All vessels in the Harbour must display a current harbour plaque where it can best be seen. All prices are effective from 1 April and include harbour dues and VAT at 20%.

All vessels using Langstone Harbour MUST pay harbour dues. The revenue derived from harbour dues and from mooring fees is used by the Langstone Harbour Board to meet the full cost of the management of the Harbour. This covers giving advice and assistance, maintenance of navigational aids and the enforcement of byelaws. This applies if your boat is kept on a permanent mooring, in a marina or if you are visiting for a week or just a day. Harbour dues are deemed not to have been paid unless the plaque is displayed.

Services Rendered

All services rendered, afloat and ashore, are chargeable in accordance with the Board’s Schedule of Charges. For boat services invoiced in arrears (assistance afloat) you will be required to provide our staff with your name and address when they attend your vessel.

Application Forms
Schedule of Charges 2019/20
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